How ranking works

At we rank our customer reviewers based on the amount of comments posted and how helpful other customers find those comments. Each time you indicate that a customer's comments were helpful or not, we count that vote, along with votes from other customers, to determine an overall "helpful" score for those comments. More weight is given to recent comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anybody review any wine?
No. You must have bought the wine from us in order to review it. Currently you can only review wines that you have bought through the website using your account. We hope to add wines bought via email and phone at some point in the future. The wine must also be currently available for sale to be eligible for review.

Are the reviews censored in any way?
Absolutely not! We are committed to giving our customers all the information they need to make smart wine buying decisions. As long as comments meet our review guidelines they will be published.

What are Team reviews?
We encourage our Team Members to use the community review system to pass on their knowledge and passion about wine. All Team Members are clearly marked with a "Team" badge and their ratings are not used when calculating the final customer rating.

Do I have to use my real name when reviewing wines?
We encourage reviewers to use their real name. But if you would prefer to use an alias you can set this up under your community profile in your account settings. Reviewers using their real name can be identified with a "True Name" badge.

How often are rankings updated?
The reviewer ranking is updated once per day. Check out the current rankings here.

Can negative votes reduce my helpful score?
In certain circumstances having too many negative votes will reduce the helpfulness score of your comments.

What are badges and how do they work?
Badges are a fun way of recognising reviewers for playing a vital role in our community. Badges can be awarded for attaining a certain ranking or achieving a milestone. Some of our badges are awarded for being our Number One Reviewer or a Top 10 Reviewer or achieving 10 first reviews. Watch out for many others.

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