The wines of the Calchaqui valley are, at the moment still little known, here is a snippet from a 2014 Decanter article about the region;
"When people talk about Argentine Wine, Malbec and Mendoza always comes first. What most aren’t aware of, is the existence of the Calchaqui Valley, a hidden gem located in the Northwest of Argentina, 1,000 kilometers north of Mendoza, capable of delivering exceptional wines. This remote and exquisite desert which only can be reached after a 3 hour drive from Salta city through winding roads, displays a unique terroir making this region wines quite distinctive.

What is so special about the Calchaqui Valley?

  • High Altitude Vineyards: The Calchaqui Valley is amongst the highest vineyards in the world. Vines grow from 1,700 up to 3,000 meters (5,600 up to 9,800 feet) above sea level.
  •  Intense Character: Due to the high altitude and intense sunlight radiation, Calchaquí wines tend to develop a strong personality, delivering high concentration, accentuated colors, aromas and flavors.
  •  Continental Desert Climate: Surrounded by the Andes and the Aconquija mountain range, the Calchaquí Valley is protected from the humid winds of both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, allowing healthy vineyards to thrive.
  • Exclusiveness: Less than 2.5% of Argentine wine production comes from this remote location. El Esteco lies in the heart of the Calchaqui Valley. A pioneer in the art of winemaking, this long-living winery together with a hardworking and passionate team, continues to excel with its latest vintages, gaining international recognitionand positioning El Esteco as the iconic winery of the Calchaqui Valley. "
Winesale is delighted to be the importer of these beautiful and unique wines.