By customer request, here is a mixed dozen for all you lovers of all things Chardonnay.

Chardonnay is actually quite a neutral grape variety, who would have thought?! It gets its flavours, textures and down right deliciousness from where it was grown and also the way it has been made. It lends itself very well to the treatment of barrels and oak and of course this adds to the complexity and often the cost. 

The term "Malolactic fermentation" or "Malo" is a term often used to describe how a Chardonnay has been made. Basically means a natural bacteria called ...Oenococcus oeni is used to convert the tarter Malic acids into Lactic acids, which are much smoother.... Mmmm Buttery Chardonnay, anyone?!

Of course they are not always made in this way and vary massively. With a whole host of Chardonnay styles avaliable, what better way to find a Chardonnay suited to you, than to...try a whole heap!...........



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