is the exclusive retailler and importer of the Chateau Tanunda wines of the Barossa valley, Australia.

Built in the late 1880s, Château Tanunda is;

  • known as the Icon of the Barossa and now celebrating its 130th Anniversary
  • home to some of the earliest plantings of vines in the Barossa Valley, dating back to the 1840s
  • Australia’s largest (37,674 square feet) and oldest winery
  • a designated monument in Australia’s Register of State Heritage Places. Château Tanunda’s origins go back to the 1860s and the decimation of Europe’s vineyards by the phylloxera plague. Sensing opportunity in Europe’s pain, the three founders of Château Tanunda built a Bavarian-style Château dedicated to the production of fine quality wines.

"We handcraft our wines by combining traditional methods and modern technology. Our limited release wines are hand-picked, destemmed but not crushed, basket pressed and are neither fined nor filtered. We believe in minimal intervention to allow the true character of the grapes to express themselves. The combination of traditional methods with the best technology creates a unique character in the wines. Barrel aging and master blending is our skill and art form. The vineyards are our soul; the basket press winery is our heart; the wines are our passion; everything is finely tuned to produce delicious, distinctive and elegant wines."



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