88 Points - Wine Enthusiast
"This Tequila is clear like a blanco, but—surprise!—it's really an añejo Tequila, aged for 18 months then filtered to remove the color. The aroma is crisp, with mild honey and jalapeño. It's remarkably peppery on the palate, with jalapeño, cayenne and black pepper tingle, finishing clean, with a pleasantly buttery feel."

82 Points - 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Lunazul is Spanish for Blue Moon. It is the "Blue Moon" of Lunazul that beckons the spirit and independence of the majestic wolf that lives inside every tequila consumer.

La Certeza tequila's are 100% estate-grown and crafted premium blue agave. 

Aged in American white oak for 18 months, this tequila becomes an “anejo claro” through a filtration process that makes it clear.

Fresh agave, vanilla, white flowers, white pepper, and oak define the nose which is slightly dry. The entry is soft and sweet with vanilla, caramel, and roasted agave leading the charge backed by subtle black pepper and oak.