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Winesale.co.nz is delighted to bring to you the wines of Poggio Nicchiaia, part of our exclusive Italian import range.

"Poggio Nicchiaia is located in Tuscany (Italy), in the hills next to the city of Pisa and has about 50 hectares of vineyards very well exposed with an average of more than 5000 plants per hectare of which the Tuscan Sangiovese variety is the most numerous. Vine cultivation focuses heavily on the interaction between vines and micro climate, to improve the richness and complexity of the grape. Starting from the harvest, the winemaking team, aided by the best in winemaking technology of the winery located in Montelopio, follows every stage of the grape processing in order to produce wines that meet the organoleptic properties typifying the territory." 

The Filetto Chianti Superiore is the flagship wine of the estate.

Bight crimson red of good clarity. Bouquet: very reminiscent of red fruit jam, such as blackberry, strawberry and raspberry. Rounded, soft body with full, fruity finish.

100% Sangiovese.

Red wine vinification: maceration for 10/15 days in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature to facilitate the extraction of the colouring contained in the grape skins. Further ageing in Oak.

Roast Poultry and mature cheeses like grana and stravecchio. It is best with rich dishes where the wine’s acidity can cleanse the palate.


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