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Black Heart Rum & Cola 330ml 24pk (2 x 12)

Black Heart Rum is a superior imported rum with a rich, smooth flavour and dark, full-bodied colour, these unique characteristics make Black Heart Rum truly distinctive.

This strong character gained it a following in nautical circles, being the official rum of the Royal New Zealand Navy until well into the 1950's.

Pre-mixed Rum and cola.


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KGB Vodka Lemon 24pk (2x12) 275ml

KGB Vodka & Lemon is a blend of 100% premium vodka and lemon. KGB's are lightly carbonated, refreshing and full of zest.


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Vodka Cruiser Raspberry 275ml (2x12) 24pk

Vodka Cruiser is the most iconic New Zealand born vodka based ready mixed drink. Since its launch over 15 years ago Vodka Cruiser has always owned fun flavours and it continues to evolve today.


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Vodka Cruiser Sugar Free Tropical 7% 250ML CAN (2x12) 24PK

Vodka Cruiser Sugar Free has enhanced the alcoholic beverage by combining genuine triple distilled vodka & Vodka Cruiser famous great taste with a sugar free formulation. Cruiser Sugar Free is the answer for those who look to balance great times with well being. With less than 100 calories per serving & natural flavours.


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Woodstock Bourbon & Cola 330ml (2x12) 24pk

Woodstock Bourbon & Cola continues to be one of New Zealands's favourite Bourbon & Cola pre-mixes to due its great value-for-money, rich authentic Bourbon taste.


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Woodstock Bourbon & Cola 5% 20pk (2x10) 330ML CAN

Woodstock, is New Zealand's #1 Bourbon and cola that stands shoulder to shoulder with the Vodafone Warriors. Distilled with fine American grains and limestone filtered water, then aged in charred oak barrels, Woodstock is the true taste of bourbon country.


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