4 Stars - BBC Good food
"This premium bottling does not disappoint and does everything you'd want from an Italian rosso, and then some. The aromas of this bottle are magnificent, a seductive maelstrom of bitter coffee and cinnamon, thyme and candied fruits. The complexity of the nose is a great indicator of how many flavours are competing for attention on the finely balanced palate. Your tongue is flooded by a multitude of dark fruits, all led by an unmissable burst of cherry that lingers throughout the experience. These fruits are joined by a distinct oakiness, punches of cinnamon and just the right amount of wormwood. Overall, it's an incredibly impressive vermouth that doesn't fall into the trap of being overly sweet, as can be the case with many rosso vermouths."

Commercial description
"Vermouth di Torino GI, features only Italian wines enriched with a botanical bouquet featuring Artemisia (wormwood) from Piedmont. 

Complex spiced, wood, and root notes open to smooth vanilla, dried fruit (especially, fig) and floral wormwood signature. On the palate, dried fig opens to spiced (cloves, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon) and wood (roots & barks such as liquorice), rounded with vanilla and Alpine flowers. Mouth-warming, with long bittersweet finish, typical of Piedmont wormwood, and amber resin memories."