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Stones Green Ginger Wine 750ml

A truly unique style of wine. Stones is one of the oldest wine brands in the world, established in 1740.
It is a fortified wine made from a fermented blend of ground ginger and raisins. It is commonly drunk by itself..on ice..or as a " Whisky Mac " and is often considered to be a winter drink. In fact, it is one of the most versatile alcoholic beverages which has great digestive qualities and is fantastic in cooking of many styles.


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Galliano (Italy) White Sambuca 500ml

Galliano Sambuca was conceived as a tribute to the famous Italian distiller Arturo Vaccari, creator of Galliano. The iconic bottle shape is inspired by Roman temple columns. 


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Midori (Japan) Melon Liqueur 1 Litre

Comercial description"Midori Melon Liqueur’s quality and delicious taste come from the blending of the juices of premium muskmelons — which are extremely rare in Japan. Grown in only one region of Japan, they are incredibly hard to find. Because of this, they can sell for as much as US $20,000 in their first harvest. In addition to their rarity, both musk melons are cultivated in rich soils to create the tastiest melons. By extracting the essence from two different Japanese melons using two different production methods, a premium melon flavor is born


Santa Marta Chocolate Liqueur 500ml

"Velvety and smooth, this Italian chocolatey delight is gorgeous on the rocks, chilled, over ice cream or added to your favourite espresso martini for that mocha factor."



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Tia Maria Gift Set 700ml

Tia Maria is a coffee liqueur made originally in Jamaica using Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans. Now it is made in Italy under the Pernod Ricard umbrella.

The coffee beans are specially selected and roasted to bring out their complex flavour. The beans are ground and combined with sugar, syrup, rum and other secret ingredients.

This niffty pack also contains a coffee mug for a killer liqueur coffee.


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