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Cocchi (Italy) Vermouth Amaro 750ml

Based on the original recipe of Guilio Cocchi, this vermouth amaro is a blend of wormwood, rhubarb, cassia bark, chiretta and cinchona with red wine. This works well at all times – as an aperitif, a digestif and in cocktails.


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Fernet Branca (Italy) 700ml

Fernet Branca is a bitter, aromatic spirit made from of over 40 herbs and spices, including myrrh, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom andsaffron, with a base of grape alcohol. The recipe is a secret, and wascreated by the young Maria Scala in 1845 in Milan. Scala's name becameMaria Branca through marriage, and the product's name was born. 

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lillet Blanc (France) 750ml

Lillet is a French Aperitif made from a blend of wine, liqueurs, fruits and herbs.
Lillet Blanc has a golden colour with candied orange, honey, pine resin, lime and fresh mint aromas. Full and rich on the palate with a lovely, long aftertaste. Always serve well chilled in a Bordeaux wine glass... zest with a slice of orange or lime. 


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