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Prosecco (Italy) Ca' Boliani DOC 1.5ltr


Who doesnt love Prosecco at a party?? Here it is in a magnum.

The Tenuta Ca'Bolani aromatic style of Prosecco, with a refreshing and balanced palate; elegant fruit structure with an explosion of apricot, ripe apple and spring white flower on the finish.

100% Glera grapes made in the traditional Charmat method.


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Brown Brothers (Australia) Sparkling Prosecco Spritz

Those clever folks at Brown brothers have caught on to the Prosecco Ap***l spritz trend thats taking the world by storm. They have cleverly crafted a ready to drink version from thier own Prosecco with a twist of orange bitters. With all the hard work taken away, all thats left is to pour over ice and enjoy.