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Argentine Red Mix

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Argentina is fast becoming a force to reckoned with for producing top notch wines. This has a lot to do with its optimum wine producing climate, elevation and soils. It offers approachable and softly structured reds, a quarter of the price that you would pay elsewhere in the world. The Malbec grape is key here in Argentina and has a lot to offer.


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Midweek Slurper Reds

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Sometimes we want a simple life, these are easy drinking mid-week styles that wont break the bank. Slurpable on the couch type of wines. Soft and moreish reds that will please all palates and go well with almost any dish. They wont hang around for long at this price.


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Degustation selection

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Make your dinner party go with a bang! This mixed dozen will guide you from, sparkling to rose, white and red. A wine to match all your dinner courses. Some classics from home soils, some treats from elsewhere. A foodies delight because there is something to pair with all your Haute Cuisine


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Anything But Chardonnay Mix

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Not a buttery, oakey, Chard in sight, just glorious white wines that are flavourful and delicious. However Chardonnay drinkers have no fear you will still find something in here for you. Beautilful aromatic whites from New Zealand and elsewhere. Big name brands, and some you wont have tried, but we have. We know you will love them all.


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NZ Favourite whites

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Get your fave white wine fixes here. Some of our most popular wines and your most favourite styles. Classics Kiwi Whites, from top producers. Perfect drinking for all your visitors.  You don’t however have to share unless you want to.


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Rosé Sampler Mix

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We are selling more pink/blush/rose wines than ever before. This super selection has a range of different styles, ranging from dry to spicy, delicate, juicy and everything in between. Not only for the summer, enjoy rose all year round. Food matching with everything from baked Salmon to a BLT. The French drink more rose wine than any other and its easy to see why with these little beauties.


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Smooth Operator Merlot Mix

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The loveable varietal that, “does exactly what it says on the tin” Growers love it across the globe because it is easy to work with. Consumers love it because they know what to expect. Medium-Full bodied, classic palate of Plummy fruit, and velvety textured tannins. Some kiwi Merlot favorites and some you wont have tried. You can’t go far wrong with something as smooth as this.


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Syrah Explorer Mix Case

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Love this big on flavour variety? Looking for some hefty reds to go with your Sunday roast?  If you want a punchy, peppery number from Hawkes bay or, big Aussie blockbuster. Spicy syrah from its home in the Rhone valley or a juicy Argentine cracker. Syrah is your friend and ours.


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Winter Warmer Red Mixed Case

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It's time to batten down the hatches, light the fire and savour the wine in your glass. A selection of Kiwi and international full flavoured and gutsy reds. Tannin is your best friend, if paired with the right dish, or cellared to perfection. You know the drill, come on. Aerate and let them breathe. If you have never tried a Tannat you are in for a treat, this wine is even good for your heart! The thick skinned Tannat variety has the highest levels of Procyanidin. An antioxidant which scientists say helps with cardiovascular disease and blood clots.  Good news for red wine drinkers. Be good to yourself and stay indoors with these red wines


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