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Sauvignon Summer Mixed 12 Case

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Summer means Savvy!

Our most popular export and a wine close to all kiwi hearts.  Refreshing, zingy and flavourful.

Three of each wine, in this delightful case.


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BBQ Quaffer Mixed 12 Case

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The wines to take round a friends house, no one will know how much you saved! You wont even care if someone else drinks it. 

Delicious softly structured reds that are all easy drinkers. 

Plus 2 bottles of French bubbles. Perfect for giving away, but then again why would you want to.


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ERP $181.88

Midweek Slurper Reds Mixed 12 Case

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Sometimes we want a simple life, these are easy drinking mid-week styles that wont break the bank. Slurpable on the couch type of wines. Soft and moreish reds that will please all palates and go well with almost any dish. They wont hang around for long at this price.


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ERP $186.99

NZ Favourite whites Mixed 12 Case

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Get your fave white wine fixes here. Some of our most popular wines and your most favourite styles. Classics Kiwi Whites, from top producers. Perfect drinking for all your visitors.  You don’t however have to share unless you want to.


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ERP $195.00

Smooth Operator Merlot Mixed 12 Case

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The loveable varietal that, “does exactly what it says on the tin” Growers love it across the globe because it is easy to work with. Consumers love it because they know what to expect. Medium-Full bodied, classic palate of Plummy fruit, and velvety textured tannins. Some kiwi Merlot favorites and some you wont have tried. You can’t go far wrong with something as smooth as this.


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ERP $223.88

Spring Fling Whites and Rosé Mixed 12 Case

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The weather is heating up, get the BBQ on or the Picnic blanket out.

A selection of easy Whites and Rosé to enjoy.

Perfect for a Garden party on the lawn.

We can guarantee the wines, unfortunately we cant guarantee the weather!


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ERP $185.88

Trail Blazers Experimental Mixed 12 Case

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If you are so over Shiraz bored of Pinot Noir and gagging at the thought of another Pinot Gris....  Then boy have we got a case for you! 

The world of wine is ALL about experimentation, varieties, blends and discovering something amazing.

This mixed dozen has some different styles and wines that you perhaps havent tried. Mainly reds with a couple of must try white wines too! Go on live a little.


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ERP $245.88

Anything But Chardonnay Mixed 12 Case

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Not a buttery, oakey, Chard in sight, just glorious white wines that are flavourful and delicious. However Chardonnay drinkers have no fear you will still find something in here for you. Beautilful aromatic whites from New Zealand and elsewhere. Big name brands, and some you wont have tried, but we have. We know you will love them all.


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ERP $192.80

Argentine Red Mixed 12 Case

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Argentina is fast becoming a force to reckoned with for producing top notch wines. This has a lot to do with its optimum wine producing climate, elevation and soils. It offers approachable and softly structured reds, a quarter of the price that you would pay elsewhere in the world. The Malbec grape is key here in Argentina and has a lot to offer.


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Best Buys Mixed 12 Case

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These little beauties are a selection of our best buy wines. Great all rounders for any day of the week. Whites and reds that will save you money. 


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Chateau Tanunda Take Over Mixed 12 Case

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Winesale.co.nz is the exclusive retailler and importer of Chateau Tanunda wines, of the Barossa valley, Australia.

Here is a cross section of thier wines, some super premium, some everyday drinking. All from the estate, all divine!

Built in the late 1880s, Château Tanunda is home to some of the earliest plantings of vines in the Barossa Valley, dating back to the 1840s
Also Australia’s largest (37,674 square feet) and oldest winery


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ERP $289.88

Clearview Estate Mixed 6 Case

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Ever immpressive, big on flavour and loved by heaps.

Clearview wines from the Hawkes Bay just ooze sunshine! Bring on the summer.

A cross section of thier wines to try, reds, whites and a bottle of the super stunning, bowl-you-over Reserve Chardonnay.

Go on treat yourself! Or excellent as a gift as it includes delivery.


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ERP $167.94

Euro File Mixed 6 Case

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A fantastic six pack of awesome european wines. Two from Spain, Three from France and One super soft Italian red.


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Ghost Hawk Mixed Six Case

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Winesales' very own label,

The Ghost Hawk wines are made for us buy highly regarded wineries.

We make our selections based on what our customers want, price and quality. These are highly recommended by us.

Two of each wine in this pack.

Big brands don't always cut it! 


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ERP $95.94

Mystery Red 12 Case

A big award winner and award winning winery....

Mystery red wine from Coonawara in South Australia.

A big award winner and award winning winery

DOUBLE GOLD 2019 Berlin International Wine Competition

DOUBLE GOLD 2018 Asia International Wine Competition

What else would you buy from Coonawara........ but delicious, ripe and blackcurranty Cabernet Sauvignon.

This wine has a RRP of $21.99 Here it is $14.91 a btl AND INCLUDES DELIVERY

Not Much stock so get in quick!


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ERP $245.88

Mystery White 12 Case

This delightful 2016 Riesling is...


This mystery wine is from an award winning Nelson winery...

Riesling in all its glory! and a Riesling that has been cellared to perfection. If you are a true fan of this spunky varietal you will know it does amazing things when left to develop in its bottle. Three years on and its coming into its own...

This delightful 2016 Riesling is...

A single vineyard wine from reknowed, Moutere Clay. This estate is home to some of the oldest Riesling vines of the region.

Medal at the International Wine Challenge 2017, London UK

Ripe in style, showing aromas of lime, green apple, pear, chalky minerality and bees wax. The palate is juicy and balanced and a touch of off-dry. Flavours of apple, ginger and lacy acidity will win even the most anti-riesling palate over!

All this at a ridiculous price! $156.99 case 12 AND includes delivery!!!!

This wine has an RRP of $21.99, here it is at $13


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ERP $221.88

Pinot Gris Mixed 12 Case

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New Zealands favourite white is definitely PInot Gris at the moment. We just cant get enough of this fruity, please all white. Great with all kinds of cuisine, cheeses and desserts.Carving out its style and grown all over the country. From the crisp mineral like styles to late harvest and deliciously rich. You wont upset anyone if you show up with a bottle of Pinot Gris.


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ERP $179.90

Premium Chardonnay Mixed 6 Case

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If you are looking for some beautiful Chardonnays' to try, LOOK no further. 

Some from home and some from away, big and buttery, creamy, lovliness, nutty and refined.

Premium drops all delicious! Tried and tested by our tasting panel. 


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ERP $148.99

Rosé Sampler Mixed 12 Case

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We are selling more pink/blush/rose wines than ever before. This super selection has a range of different styles, ranging from dry to spicy, delicate, juicy and everything in between. Not only for the summer, enjoy rose all year round. Food matching with everything from baked Salmon to a BLT. The French drink more rose wine than any other and its easy to see why with these little beauties.


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Sassy Sparkling Mixed 6 Case

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Bubble, bubbles everywhere! 

Weather its a serious Methode champenoise classique ie bottle fermented. Or more an easy quaffable Italian Prosecco that your looking for.

We can put some bubbles in your glass. We have an awesome range of sparkling wines here at Winesale (mainly because we just love the stuff!)

A small selection just to get the party started!


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ERP $124.94

Syrah Explorer Mixed 12 Case

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Love this big on flavour variety? Looking for some hefty reds to go with your Sunday roast?  If you want a punchy, peppery number from Hawkes bay or, big Aussie blockbuster. Spicy syrah from its home in the Rhone valley or a juicy Argentine cracker. Syrah is your friend and ours.


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Winter Warmer Red Mixed 12 Case

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It's time to batten down the hatches, light the fire and savour the wine in your glass. A selection of Kiwi and international full flavoured and gutsy reds.

Big, ripe southern french blend. Reserva from Spain, Premium Shiraz, Hawkes bay Syrah, gutsy Argentine Malbec. Plus Don David Tannat, If you have never tried a Tannat you are in for a treat, this wine is even good for your heart! The thick skinned Tannat grape variety has the highest levels of Procyanidin. An antioxidant which scientists say helps with cardiovascular disease and blood clots.  Good news for red wine drinkers.

Be good to yourself and stay indoors with these red wines. Tannin is your best friend, if paired with the right dish, or cellared to perfection. You know the drill, come on. Aerate and let them breathe.


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ERP $227.88