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8 Wired (Matakana) Hopwired IPA 330ml (4x6) 24pk

A trailblazer when first released in 2009, HopWired was one of the world’s first IPAs to be brewed exclusively with New Zealand hops. Today it’s as unique as ever, delivering an enticing punchbowl of tropical fruit, citrus and gooseberry flavours balanced by mouth-filling caramel malt sweetness. 


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8 Wired (Matakana) Mixed (6x4) 24pk 330ml

2 x Tropidelic - Sit back, relax, and let this NZ hopped pale ale transport you to a land of swaying palm trees and golden sands.

2 x Semi Conductor - Designed to knock your socks off while keeping your feet on the ground. This XPA delivers maximum flavour, minimum regret.

2 x Hopwired - this was one of the worlds first IPAs to be brewed exclusively with NZ Hops. Today it is as unique as ever.


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8 Wired (Matakana) Semi Conductor XPA 330ml (4x6) 24pk

Designed to knock your socks off while keeping your feet on the ground. Our XPA delivers maximum flavour, minimum regret. American and NZ hops bring all the flavour you would expect from a much stronger beer but the lower strength keeps things laid-back and refreshing.


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DBL Vision (Wellington) Expatriate APA (4x6) 24pk 5.6%

Commercial description

"American Pale Ale leaving the homeland in exploration of something more. It had no idea it would find New Zealand but the hops were too good to pass up. An alliance of US and NZ hops are sure to enlist your palate for a second round."


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Estrella Damm (Spain) (2x12) 24pk 330ml

Estrella Damm is a premium, authentic lager from Barcelona. The beer takes its name from Estrella the Spanish word for 'star' and Damm, the founding family's name.

A genuine import from the iconic, cultural city in the Mediterranean that brings the essence of the Mediterranean ‘way of life’ to its drinkers. 

Brewed to the same recipe since 1876, using 100% natural, Mediterranean ingredients


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Garage Project Can Mix Six #8 330ml CAN (6x4) 24pk

Lastest mixed 6 offering from GP.

A beer festival in a box! This is the latest in a series of mixed 6 packs and contains: 

Ghost Light - Hazy IPA;
Aro Noir - Friendly roasted stout;
Bliss - Kiwi Backyard Lager;
White Mischief - Salted White Peach Sour;
Transit of Venus - Hazy IPA with Makrut Lime & Lemongrass;
Pernicious Weed - Monster Hop IIPA.


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Garage Project Garagista (4x6) 24pk 330ml CAN

A wicked trio of hops that crosses continents brings a large dose of pineapple, lime, and dark berries on the nose, a solid and stong, yet reasonably light-medium bodied malt structure on the palatte to reinforce those hop characters all the way through to the finish.


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Garage Project Hapi Daze (4x6) 24pk 330ml CAN

Hapi, the Maori word for hop, inspires this truly Pacific pale ale. Brewed with New Zealand barley and the best of the Kiwi hop harvest, Motueka, Wai-iti, Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin. Assertively Hoppy - exceptionally drinkable.

Subtle and snappy attributes of lime, pear, grapefruit and apple come forward with a nose that exhibits almost kerosene and diesel notes from the Riwaka dry hop.


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Garage Project Pils & Thrills (4x6) 24pk 330ml Can

Pils 'n' Thrills is the Garage's irreverent take on the classic Bohemian Pilsner. German malts combined with American Summit hops create a refreshingly crisp, golden beer with a snappy bitterness and lifter lemon citrus notes.


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Heineken 0.0% Can 330ml (6x4) 24pk

HEINEKEN's latest innovation, Heineken® 0.0, is a non-alcoholic lager brewed with a unique recipe for a distinct balanced taste – and only 69 calories per 33cl bottle. ... Heineken® 0.0 is brewed from scratch and has a perfectly balanced taste with refreshing fruity notes and a soft malty body


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Leffe (Belgium) Blonde 6% 4 pack 330ml (4x6) 24pk

An authentic blond abbey beer with a slight hint of bitterness

“Age-old expertise and the combination of pale malt, water, hop and yeast lend Leffe Blond its subtle taste and golden colour, which manages to catch and reflect the light. Hints of vanilla and clove infuse the beer with an even smoother flavour, which best expresses itself in a Leffe chalice, simultaneously allowing the soft, fresh essence of this beer to unveil its true elegance."


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Magners Apple Cider (6x4pk) 24 Pack

The original cider.  Apples served over ice.

It’s 1935 and, thanks to William Magner, Ireland’s greatest cider has just been born. We’ve held true to that original recipe ever since.


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Panhead (Wellington) Blacktop Oat Stout 330ml (4x6) 24pk

As self-confessed bogans we have an attraction to black. The key to creating a silky death metal monster like Blacktop is the caramalised Golden naked Oats we've built it arounf. Sophisticates will detect the chocolate and coffee notes of creamy tiramisu. The rest of us will note that it matches our jeans.


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Panhead Sucky Monmon 5.2% 330ml CAN (4x6) 24pk


A 21 tatt gat salute to the great tattoo fails of history. Ink guns in the air for all the starry eyed narcoleptics, tribal trendsetters, and basement scablords. Keep it sucky, scratch. Put THAT in your infinity strip.

Traditional Japanese Lager. Light. Refreshing. Perfect for licking wounds in the sun.


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Panhead Super Charger APA (4x6) 24pk 330ml bottles

Hops are where it starts for the born-again craft head and Supercharger APA is where Panhead delivers. This is an all-American show with Centennial, Citra and Simcoe overwhelming your nose, kicking you in the taste buds and departing with more bitterness than a Palm Springs divorce. It's a seriously addictive combination.


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ParrotDog (Wellington) Birdseye Hazy IPA 330ml 5.8% (6x4) 24pk

Our feathered friends see the world differently. Through birds’ eyes, things might look almost psychedelic to us, with heightened colours and fresh hues forming a surprising new spectrum. This hazy, citrus and stonefruit accented IPA with a mellow, soft and silky texture gives a similarly refreshing change of perspective.


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ParrotDog (Wellington) Yellowhammer Hazy 4.8% (6x4) 24pk

Commercial description

Yellowhammer Hazy Pale Ale 4.8% alc./vol.

Bright and lively like a parrot, but small and ubiquitous like a sparrow, the Yellowhammer adds a flash of colour and a musical chirp to open spaces all over the country. The way it does a lot with just a little inspires our smooth and refreshing hazy pale ale, streaked with the striking tropical notes of Strata hops.


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Peroni Nastro (Italy) Azzuro 330ml (2x12) 24pk

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is Italy’s number one premium beer. It is brewed using the finest hops, two row spring planted barley and contains 25% Italian maize, including the proprietary variety Nostrano Dell’Isola.

Effortlessly stylish, this Mediterranean style lager delivers an unmistakeable crisp, refreshing taste and a fine subtle aroma.


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