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Croft (Portugal) Fine Ruby

Croft Fine Ruby is blended from red wines produced in the Baixo Corgo and Cima Corgo areas of the upper Douro Valley, selected for their depth of colour, intense fruit and full, firm palate. These wines are matured for about three years in oak vats, where they soften and develop without losing their fresh, intense fruity character and their deep ruby colour. 


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Kopke (Portugal) 20 yr Tawny Port 750ml

Delicate orange-greenish coloured. Its splendid bouquet is a complex marriage between dried fruits, spices and fine wood notes. The taste is dominated by rich and concentrated flavours with a long and velvety finish. 
Slightly refreshed, it is the ideal choice to serve with appetizers like strong cheeses and pâtés. The velvety texture and the singular aromatic expression stand-out remarkably with main courses with dried fruits.


Buller (Rutherglen) Fine Old Tokay 750ml

A Glorious Rutherglen Tokay. Deep amber brown in colour with an Olive green hue that denotes the age of the base material..with rich intense molasses and raisins on the bouquet . Smooth and complete to taste with a finish that can almost be measured in minutes. A very special dessert fortified style just awaiting your discovery.


Croft (Portugal) 20 Year Old Tawny

Delicate tawny colour with broad ochre rim. Complex nutty and oaky aromas and a concentrated figgy ripeness on the palate. Smooth and silky with a long finish full of rich mellow flavour. 


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Croft (Portugal) 2010 Late Bottled Vintage

The wine is wonderfully rich, fragrant and concentrated with layers of fruit. An elegant wine with good complexity, sweet black fruit with notes of cocoa and mocha. Lovely, intense finish full of flavour and delicate tannins. 


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Croft (Portugal) Distinction Port

This is a Finest Reserve Port which is a blend of ports which have been aged in wood for four to five years to produce wines of greater complexity than their younger counterparts. A port with attractive, intense fresh fruit aromas and flavours. A powerful, rich blackberry bouquet with subtle hints of spice and cedar. On the mouth strong black fruit and chocolate flavours dominate. The wine has good weight and structure with a fine finish.



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Dows (Portugal) 10yr Old Tawny Port

These wines are carefully made from the finest grapes in the Douro valley. During the ageing process, the wines are tasted regularly and, when they are considered to be ready, they are blended with all the care of a premium quality Port, but are bottled when ready for immediate consumption.


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Dows (Portugal) Fine Tawny Port

Dow's Tawny is bottled ready to drink after an average of three years of cask aging. Dow's Tawny is delicious with soft ripened cheeses, flan or fruit tarts.


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Kopke (Portugal) Fine Ruby Port 750ml

Recognized as the first and oldest Port house in Port wine history, celebrating their 379th year of continuous production. - They still stencil the lettering by hand like they did in the 1600’s! 
Fine Ruby - The secret to the richness of this fine Ruby port is 3 to 4 years aging in small casks. 


Kopke (Portugal) Fine Tawny Port 750ml

Orange-brown color. The ageing in oak casks gives it an aroma of vanilla combined with fruit. The palate is soft and balanced with a good finish. Aged in wood for a minimum of 3 years, resulting in a rich wine, aromatic and with a balanced sweetness.



Krohn (Portugal) 2007 Late Bottled Vintage

Silver Medal - International Wine Challege 2011
Four Stars - Joelle Thomson

A Silver Medal winning Portguese port at a very affordable price. Try with a big blue cheese like Stilton or Gorgonzola for a real sensory experience!


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Mills Reef (Hawkes Bay) 2013 Elspeth Vintage Port 500ml

Densely coloured and richly aromatic, this delicious fortified wine has been crafted from a selection of our best Hawke's Bay grapes. Luscious raisin, black forest fruit, Christmas cake and date flavours abound, laced with spicy black pepper and chocolate notes.The palate is luxurious and silky-smooth, with beautiful balance, harmony and a satisfyingly warm long finish. Already highly enjoyable, it will continue to mature, acquiring ever-greater mellowness and complexity.