Your prices are awesome but how do I know if the wines are any good?
All our wines are quality guaranteed. If you don't like any wine for any reason let us know and we will refund it or replace it until you are happy. We also operate a completely transparent customer wine review system in New Zealand. All our customers are encouraged to write reviews of wines they buy from Winesale.co.nz. This makes it easier for other customers to make decisions on buying wine from us. Check out our Customer Commitment here.


If your wines are such good quality - how come you can sell them at such a good price?
Our unique distribution system is specifically designed to take cost out of our supply chain. 1) We don't have to rent any expensive buildings in order to sell you wine. 2) We don't keep a regular product range so we never have to buy at the wholesaler or importers "List" prices. We only buy a product when we get an unbelievably good deal on it. 3) Sometimes we are the wholesaler/importer in which case we just put a simple retail margin on the wine eliminating the wholesale margin all together.


What's the minimum order?
No minimum order at all. Except we don't sell by the glass - you gotta buy the whole bottle - we won't make an exception on this one.


I really enjoyed that bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc I bought off you last week but you don't seem to have it this week. Where’s it gone?
Because we do a lot of spot buying we often buy limited parcels of wine which can't be purchased again. Or maybe they can be purchased again but at full price. Unfortunately we never buy at full price because our customers hate paying full price. So our advice is if you see it buy it.


How long will the wine take to get to me?
We dispatch orders the same day for order made before 2pm on weekdays. Delivery varies by region but most orders will be with you in 1-3 business days. Most major metro centers get delivery the next business day. Same day delivery is possible in Wellington if you order before 9am.


How much does delivery cost?
Delivery costs are $6.99 per case for metro areas and $10.99 per case for rural areas. To check out if you are in a rural area or not go here. We provide free delivery for orders over $300 (excluding freight).


I'd like to get my wine delivered to me at home but I'm worried that the wine will get stolen if I'm not there.
Relax we have it covered in our Customer Commitment. If we deliver wine to your house when you're not home and it goes missing - we'll ship you replacement wine free of charge. Or we can deliver to your workplace as well - if that suits better.


What payments do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Direct Credit into our bank account. If you're a business we can set up a credit account with you as well.


Are the details I provide to you on this website secure?
Yes. Have a look at our privacy policy.


Do I have to order using your website?
No. You can order over the phone on 0508 946 372 or you can simply reply to our weekly emails with your order. Or you can fax or send an email to your local representative or email us at service@winesale.co.nz .


I'm not happy with the service I'm getting from Winesale.co.nz. What should I do?
We take our customer service very seriously at Winesale.co.nz. If you are in anyway unhappy with the service you are receiving from Winesale.co.nz. Please email us at service@winesale.co.nz or call 0508 946 372 to speak to a customer care consultant. We will do our best to solve your problem quickly and fairly.


I received a call from somebody saying they were from Winesale.co.nz trying to sell me wine, is Winesale calling customers now?
Yes Winesale.co.nz is making huge improvements to its relationships with its clients. We are on the hunt for deals that will be offered exclusively to our clients by phone without our competitors knowing and the supplier wants us to keep secret. If we call you, you know it will be with something very special just for you!