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Medoff (Ukaraine) Classic Vodka 37.5% 200ml

A clear, grain based, delicate vodka, that owes it's smoothness to the use  "honey rain" filtration technology. The palate is shaped by the interaction of the honey, which is considered the best natural filter.


Zubrowka (Poland) Bison Vodka 700ml

In a remote corner of Poland, in the North Podlasie Lowland, lies a mysterious place called Bialowieza, the last primeval forest in Europe, home to the continent's only herd of bison and a distinctively aromatic plant - bison grass. This wild grass resists cultivation and, to this day, is still carefully harvested by hand. For centuries, bison grass has been used to create a unique flavoured vodka, Zubrówka (say 'Zoo-Broov-Ka').

The infusion adds smoothness and unparalleled freshness to the original singular spirit from Poland. 


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Ivanov Vodka 1ltr

Ivanov is a classic style Vodka, clean on the pallet with a delicate smooth taste. Made from the finest ingredients the Ivanov brand embodies the pride and strength of its Russian name.


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