Hine Cognac saw it’s origination in the 1760’s, when Thomas Hine set out from his native Dorset to learn the secrets of how cognac, his father’s favourite tipple, was produced. It was however, during the French Revolution and he found himself, an englishman on French soil, imprisoned at the Château de Jarnac, where he later married Françoise-Elisabeth, the daughter of his hosts, and gave his name to the house. Since this dramatic arrival, six generations of the Hine family have succeeded one another at the head of Thomas Hine & Co.Appellation Fine Champagne Contrôlée VSOP Blended eaux-de-vie from Grande and Petite Champagne grapes. 

Expressive yet discreet, its notes of iris, fresh apricot, acacia and white pepper chime with its sprightly and joyful demeanour. Feels like Coachella in a bottle.

"H by Hine is a young cognac with a taste for adventure and originality. Serve frozen in a shot glass with sashimi. Or simply over ice with tonic, cider or ginger ale, garnished with a twist of lime, cucumber or rosemary. Add as a surprising twist to a punch when too many friends show up with very little time, or simply drizzle over a fresh peach salad. There’s only one rule: drink outside the box."