Unleash the Dawn with Kōpū Hawke's Bay Merlot: Elegance in Every Sip

Dive into a vibrant tapestry of flavor with Kōpū Hawke's Bay Merlot, a handcrafted masterpiece where rich dark berries dance with fragrant florals. Taste juicy red plum and a touch of vanilla swirling across your palate, leading to a smooth, supple finish that lingers long after the last sip.

More than just a wine, Kōpū is an experience. Inspired by the Maori word for "Venus, the Morning Star," it embodies the dawn's first light rising over New Zealand's rugged East Coast. Each bottle captures the spirit of inspiration and new beginnings.

Uncork the perfect pairing: Fire up the grill for BBQ steak, juicy pork, or rich tomato-based pasta. Kōpū elevates every meal to a celebration of flavor and finesse.

Don't wait for sunrise to experience this masterpiece!





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