90+ - Robert Parker 

In 1973 a young Mauro Molino graduates from Alba Winemaking School, with a dream of one day making wine in his beloved home region of Piedmont. 40 years later, the family wine business is now run by Mauro’s oldest son Mateo and his younger sister Martina, both of whom have also graduated from the prestigious Alba Winemaking School. The family now manage some 12ha of vineyards, half of which is made up of Nebbiolo for the Barolo, the rest Barbera and Dolcetto.
They regard their Barolo DOCG as their worldwide ambassador with the single vineyard Barolos winning consistent acclaim from leading wine publications around the globe.

Nebbiolo, Barbera, Merlot & Cabernet

A wine with fruity and spicy hints. A dynamic and cheerful blend, where four varieties perfectly support each other. The local vineyards of Barbera and Nebbiolo are always identifiable thanks to their softness and structure.