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93 Points - Mark Squires

94 Points - Anthony Gismondi

Taylors is one of the most highly respected producers of aged tawny Port wines. 20 Year Old Tawny Port is fully matured in seasoned oak casks each holding about 630 litres of wine. Here, over many years of ageing, the Port wine gradually takes on its characteristic amber tawny colour, slowly developing the complex mellow flavours and the smooth luscious palate which are the hallmarks of this style of port. Vinification: Taylors blends its magnificent 20 year old tawny Ports from its extensive reserves of old cask aged Ports matured in the firms cool and tranquil cellars (known as lodges) in Oporto on Portugals Atlantic coast. In the 20 Year Old tawny, the fruit has mellowed further than in the 10 Year Old, and the spicy, nutty aromas of ageing are more powerful and intense.

Appearance: Intense amber tawny colour. Bouquet: Opulent and voluptuous nose of complex spicy, jammy and nutty aromas, hints of orange flower and a fine oakiness coming from the long period of aging in cask. Palate: The palate is full of very rich and concentrated flavour and has a long mellow finish.

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