The Prosecco Rosé is an exquisite sparkling wine that exudes elegance and charm. It's soft, rose-gold colour entices the eye, while the delicate nose reveals captivating aromas of strawberry, watermelon, and apple. This delightful rosé retains the signature freshness and vibrancy of Prosecco, with an added subtle hint of berry on the palate. Crafted with care, a small percentage of Cienna grapes was masterfully blended to achieve the blush hue. Sip on this refreshing sparkling wine, best enjoyed in its youthful and delicate state. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a prelude to an evening, the Prosecco Rosé is a perfect choice. For a harmonious pairing, indulge in Tasmanian smoked salmon complemented by a squeeze of zesty lemon juice. Let the Prosecco Rosé elevate your moments and awaken your senses with its natural acidity, fresh crisp flavours, and undeniable allure.


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