Back in the early 1900s, August Giesen was well-known for travelling to Mosel to buy whole barrels of the region’s world famous Riesling. The Giesen brothers’ fond memories of their grandfather’s trips prompted them to purchase a vineyard and make wine in Germany’s most regarded region. Tobias Treis and his family have been making wine in Mosel since
1684. Like the Giesen brothers, Tobias has a global outlook, while respecting the region’s history and traditional winemaking techniques. Their first collaboration is a classic Mosel Riesling, with a wonderful balance of light fruit flavour and mineral acidity.

Expect aromas of tangerine, orange blossom, exotic notes of rose petal and orange marmalade. On the palate, look for citrus flavours, marmalade, and hints of nutmeg. A rich, vibrant wine with mouth-watering acidity and a long finish.

Mosel is Germany’s leading region in terms of wine quality and international recognition. The interaction between its cool climate, its ancient slate soils, long growing season, and the sunshine hours on the south-facing vineyard terraces create the perfect conditions for growing Riesling. The Giesen Mosel Riesling vineyard sits within the village of Reil on the banks of the river Mosel. Reil is small village which includes 120 hectares of terraced vineyards. The exceedingly steep Giesen Riesling vineyard sits in the middle of Mosel with an altitude difference of 150 metres from the top to the bottom of the vineyard. Its vines, rooted in mineral-rich, ancient slate soils are on average more than 50 years old and planted along countless small terraces supported by dry stone walls. Vintage 2019 was a standout vintage for Germany and the Mosel region.

Handpicking ensures only perfectly ripe fruit is selected. Following harvest the grapes were gently pressed followed by six hours of maceration to ensure their full, intense flavour was retained. 

Giesen Mosel Reiler Goldlay Riesling is a great aperitif or equally enjoyable matched with a meal. Germans love pork and Giesen Mosel and pork are a perfect match - try it with slow roasted pork belly or even a BLT.











Aromatic, whites





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Food Match:

Pork and apple sauce

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