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McClelland's (Scotland) Speyside whisky

Established in 1818. Morrison Bowmore began producing this range of single malt whiskies in its memory, with each expression created to represent a different Scotch region with its classic characteristics. This is their Speyside region single malt. An excellent intro to Scotch single malts. 

Speysides are known for their rich, fruity and approachable flavors, usually medium to full bodied. This one is all of those things, perhaps a little lighter in weight, with notes of toffee, cream, vanilla, caramel, dried dates, dried figs, pears, golden apples and candied orange. There is an interesting fresh apricot tartness that sears through it to cut the richness down, and a sweet floral note in the finish. No heavy on richness but flavourful, it tastes like a good bang for buck from a region that can get very pricey. Would be an excellent base for a cocktail too.


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Thomson (New Zealand) Rye & Barley Whisky 700ml

Commercial description

Made from 100% NZ grown malted rye and malted barley. This we've crushed, mashed, fermented and finally double distilled through our copper pot stills. Aged in virgin French Oak octaves.


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Thomson (New Zealand) South Island Peat Whisky

New Zealand award winning distillery

Thomson Whisky New Zealand release a taste of their peated whisky in a limited batch bottling. South Island Peat is made using 100% NZ grown malted barley, smoked with peat from the South Island of New Zealand and distilled at the Thomson Whisky Distillery in Riverhead. 


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