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Franciacorta (Italy) Grappa Amarone Barricada 500ml

Commercial description
"Penetrating and intense aroma that is a prelude to a strong and persistent taste, very smooth at the palate. A Grappa of great prestige, an intense yellow colour with amber highlights, obtained from Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes, that are used in the famous wine Amarone of Valpolicella.

An intense, penetrating aroma with a decisive, persistent flavour, soft on the palate."


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Franciacorta Grappa (Italy) Moscato d’Asti Barricata 500ml 40%

Made from an aromatic grape variety this is a distilled rich in flavours and aromas, enriched by the ageing in oak barrels.

Sensory characteristics: fruity aromas characteristics of Muscat grapes. Refining in oak barrels enriches its taste with smooth notes. 


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Franciacorta Grappa (Italy) Moscato d’Asti Bianca 500ml

This grappa has the delicate floral aromas and elegant, dry and velvety flavours of the pomace from the Moscato grapes.

Sensory characteristics: light straw yellow with an embracing and intense bouquet. The taste is soft and deep, delicately sweet with a persistent finish.


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