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Edenvale (Australia) Premium Reserve Pinot Noir NON ALCOHOLIC

Edenvale is Australia’s leading alcohol removed wine brand

“Produced using the most sophisticated and efficient methods of alcohol extraction, including the use of the Spinning Cone Colum. This removes the alcohol from the base wine through a process of evaporation, while being careful to protect the delicate aromas. The wine is refined, purified and then goes through a blending process to return volume and sweetness. This is achieved by adding a small amount of grape concentrate (6%).” winery description

Easy drinking, soft red with berry fruit flavour

Less than 0.5% Alcohol


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Edenvale (Australia) Shiraz NON ALCOHOLIC 750ml

Dark fruits, spice, a deep ruby colour - it's definitely a Shiraz! The body is smooth and concentrated with dark fruit flavours.

Edenvale prides itself on producing wines with the alcohol removed but flavour intact. Their wines bring the complexity and enjoyment of each varietal but are suitable for those sober driving, expecting or breastfeeding mothers or after a health conscious option as the wines have about half the calories of the alcohol equivalent. 

Less than 0.5% ABV

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