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Filliers Gin (Belgium) Classic 500ml 46%

Distilled and bottled by the renowned Belgian distillery, Filliers, who is acutally one of the very oldest Gin & Genever brands in the world. Created in 1928 by Firmin Filliers.

Their classic gin is made from 28 different botanicals including belgian hops, allspice and orage. It is distilled in small batches in copper pot stills. 

Warming spices and creamy palate with a dry finish.

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Filliers Gin (Belgium) Tribute 500ml 48%

An homage to the Filliers family. The original recipe dates back to 1828, when third generation Firmin Filliers ran the company and developed the recipe.

The rich history of this gin is reflected not only in the flavor of the original recipe but also in the form of the original bottle.

At the time, Firmin could only obtain a pharmacy bottle through his cousin, a pharmacist in Antwerp because at the time glass was so very expensive. A visionary move that still charatarises the Filliers Dry Gin 28 to this day.

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