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Kapriol (Italy) Dry Gin 41.7% 700ml

Commercial description

"Kapriol Gin is a handmade distilled spirit with a long history. It has been produced since 1948 following an old recipe, using mountain herbs, that begins with the careful selection of quality botanical herbs, enhanced by a unique distillation process that has continued for more than a century. 

Kapriol Dry Gin’s recipe contains 15 botanical herbs, among them Hops, Oregano and Bay Leaves which are distilled using the ancient technique of cold distillation. Angelica, Chamomile, Rosemary and Rosehip are added, using only herbs growing naturally in the Alps. There are no citrus fruits added, following the original recipe created in 1948.

Juniper berries are infused at room temperature for fifteen days before the first distillation begins, in two 100 litre copper stills from the Second World War. The same procedure is applied to the other herbs, except for the hops, bay leaves and oregano, which are distilled by a cold process which also extracts the colour pigments, following a gentle filtration that maintains the natural flavours."

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