Monkey 47

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Monkey 47 (Germany) Gin 47% 500ml

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin is distilled in-house in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) region of Germany.

The '47' in the name comes from both the 47 botanicals used and the 47% ABV. The 'monkey' refers to the story of a British Air Force Commander who helped rebuild Berlin Zoo after the war, including sponsoring an egret monkey.

Botanicals: 47, including juniper, lime, lemon, almond, acacia, angelica, sage, sloes, spruce, cloves, lavender, jasmine, nutmeg, cardamom, lingonberries & cinnamon.

​Perhaps not an everyday gin, but you will be missing out if you never get to try it. Garnish with lime or sage.


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