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National Distillery (Napier) Gift pack 3x200ml

Want to give the gift of gin?  National Distillery Gin Gift Pack features 3x200ml of National Distillery gin with their most popular products: 

National Distillery Hemp Gin, National Distillery Verdigris Gin and National Distillery Adorn Beauty. 

All you need to do is put bow on it!


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National Distillery (Napier) Hemp Gin 45% 700ml

Commercial description

"Our signature seven core gin aromatics have been artfully expanded with the addition of toasted hemp hearts and a glorious burst of citrus.

We have combined the unique toasted New Zealand hemp hearts, with lashings of lemon peel to produce a beautifully balanced botanical gin with bursts of luscious citrus and distant lingering toasted notes."


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National Distillery (Napier) NZ Proof Gin 700ml

Commercial description
"The Proof; where the art of distilling meets the pure pleasure of creation. A space where ideas are tried and refined. These limited edition spirits are a testament to both innovation and time honored traditions. This duality inspires us to craft the finest selection of copper distilled New Zealand spirits."

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National Distillery (Napier) Verdigris Gin 700ml

Gold medal - Gin Guide Awards 2020

Inspired by a classic, Juniper led London dry gin bouquet, a supporting duo of lemon peel and native New Zealand flax seed, The National Distillery Company’s Verdigris is an approachable, easy-drinking dry gin and a great all-rounder.

Traditional pine and citrus notes are embellished and guided to a deeper place by the unctuous, yet finely structured tones of New Zealand Orris root.

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