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Pegasus Bay (Waipara) 2019 Chardonnay

94 Points - James Suckling
18.5/20 - Candice Chow, Raymond Chan Wine Reviews
90 Points - Rebeca Gibb MW, Vinous
19/20 - Joelle Thomson
5 Stars & 95/100 - Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, March 2022

5 Stars - Michael Cooper
95 Points - Cameron Douglas MS, March 2022

This wine has been made utilising the traditional techniques which have made the Chardonnay of the Burgundy region in France so famous. Pegasus Bay thus adopt a hands-off approach so that until the last, or blending, stage, the wine has largely made itself.


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Pegasus Bay (Waipara) 2020 Merlot Cabernet

94 Points - James Suckling
94 Points - Cameron Douglas MS
94 Points -Sam Kim, Wine Orbit
4.5 Stars - Michael Cooper

The wine has a deep, ruby colour. The merlot has provided purple plum flavours and a plump, fleshy, mid-palate structure. Cassis elements and a backbone of mouth-filling, ripe tannins come from the Cabernet Sauvignon. Small portions of Cabernet Franc and malbec donate an ethereal, lifted bouquet, the latter giving a whiff of rose petals, as well as filling out the structure and adding to its length. It is a big, dense, chewy wine, which expands in the mouth and has a lingering, spicy after-taste.


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Pegasus Bay (Waipara) 2021 Pinot Noir

95 Points - Cameron Douglas MS
5 Stars - Michael Cooper

The wine has a vibrant carmine hue. Its aromas and flavours are a complex interplay of fruity and savoury elements, suggesting cherries, raspberries and blackberries, intermingled with roast game, grilled mushrooms, black olives, liquorice and coffee. There is a dense core of fruit in the mouth that is supported by a backbone of firm, ripe tannins which flow evenly through the palate and should help the wine age gracefully.


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Pegasus Bay (Waipara) 2022 Aria Late Picked Riesling

5 Stars - Michael Cooper
5 Stars & 18.5+/20  Candice Chow, Raymond Chan Wine Reviews

Beautifully rich, untuous, bright and zesty...........a stunning late harvest style of riesling

Upon release the colour is bright lemon. The bouquet is a tantalising patchwork of apricot, marmalade, honey and orange zest, interwoven with fl oral notes and a lick of ginger. The botrytis has added concentration and richness, yet there is a refreshing zestiness backed with bright acidity that teases the palate, ensuring the wine remains lively and well balanced, with a prolonged finish.


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Pegasus Bay (Waipara) 2022 Riesling

94 Points - Cameron Douglas MS
19/20 - Candice Chow - Raymond Chan Wine Reviews
5 Stars - Michael Cooper
5 Stars - Sam Kim, Wine Orbit
92 Points Rebecca Gibb MW, Vinous

This wine has a star bright lemon hue and while lemons, limes and mandarins come to the fore, there is a background of ripe stonefruit such as peaches and apricots. Honeysuckle and honeycomb influences come from botrytis, which has also made the wine more full bodied and concentrated. It has a spine of natural acidity and tingling minerality that helps draw out the palate structure to a citrus zest finish.​


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