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Santisima (Trinidad) 15 Yr Rum 700ml

This rum is made in Cuba. It is characterized by a very specific aging that takes place in 3 stages. First, a first aging of 4 years takes place. The eaux-de-vie are then assembled a first time to be aged together for varying periods of 3, 7, 15 or 25 years, thus obtaining the bases that will compose the final assembly. Finally, these rums are meticulously assembled between them and are put to rest, the time they can agree, melt with each other to get this delicious rum out of age.

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Santisima (Trinidad) 7 Yr Rum 700ml

Santisima Trinidad 7-year-old Rum is bright amber in colour with slightly sweet aromas of raisins, dried grapes and oak. On the palate, there is slight but perceptible sweetness, combined with hints of vanilla and dried sweet almonds.

40.3% ABV

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