Strange Nature

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Strange Nature (New zealand) 44% 700ml

Grown in New Zealand’s famous winemaking  regions, every aspect of our lovinglycrafted gin is traceable. Unlike others  the base alcohol to Strange Nature has true  terroir, starting its life in a Kiwi vineyard certified  through Sustainable Winegrowing, we can pinpoint the  roots behind each and every batch.

We found our origins in  (or rather, out of) alcoholremoved New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wine. When the alcohol  is gently removed from the  wine, the aroma and flavour  is preserved to create a  fresh, vibrant white spirit  grown from grapes. After 18 months of trials,  we settled on double  distillation with one  botanical - juniper, what we  saw as the most expressive  style, a perfect marriage  with our natural alcohol. Strange Nature bears all the  quintessential flavours of its  unique Sauvignon Blanc origins.  Aromatic and fruity, it’s  part tropical and zesty, part  herbaceous.

Enjoy sweet notes  and savoury hits in every sip.


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