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Moa (Marlborough) Cherry Sour 2015 375ml

Moa Cherry Sour 2015 Vintage is a barrel fermented and aged cherry sour beer. Brewed with a wheat beer base and whole Marlborough cherries harvested in December 2015, with 12 months in a combination of tank and barrel on both the skins and stones, cherry flavours are very upfront. Farmyard characters are evident from the Brettanomyces yeast and it is tart rather than over acidic. A food friendly beer well matched with Brie or aged Gouda..


Moa Blanc (Marlborough) Sour Blanc 2015 375ml

A wheat base Moa Sour Grapes is a uniquely refreshing Belgian-style fruit Lambic vintage 2015. Fermented and aged in a combination of tank and oak barrels using natural wild yeast and selected bacterium, this beer carefully balances phenolic and complex acidity with dryness and funk. A sour beer in the traditional Belgian Lambic style with a complexity best described as a riot of flavours.